Mind share is essential for a successful business: Here’s how to get it.

What is mind share, and why is it important when building a successful real estate career? Essentially, if you have mind share, people in your area and database will think of you first when they think about real estate. Take batteries, for instance. When you think of batteries, you probably think of Energizer and their pink bunny or Duracell and their copper tops. This is because they have mind share in the battery market. 

How do you achieve mind share in your target demographic? Battery companies do it through branding and other marketing strategies, and you need to do the same. I use a company whose mission is to build mind share, and since you’re on this blog, you’re experiencing their product right now. 

“When people think about real estate, they should think about you.”

This company is called Vyral Marketing, and what they do for you is very simple. First, they’ll help you send two video emails to your database each month. These videos won’t be direct ads—instead, they’ll answer people’s questions about real estate so they’ll be more likely to watch them. Some people say that emails are dead, but they aren’t; our emails get about a 25% open rate. 

In addition, Vyral will help you find people in other places if clients don’t open your email. They also run ads on social media using the videos you record with them. Finally, they’ll send out snail mail marketing to your most important farming areas. 

The goal is to stay in front of people so that when it finally comes time for them to buy or sell, you’re the first person they call. If you have questions about mind share or any other topic, please call or email me. I am always willing to talk.