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"I’ve been on the Kimo Quance Group for close to two years now. I had my real estate license for four years and I tried to do real estate part time while I worked my real job in banking. During 2020 I decided to make a major shift and become my own boss. I wanted to learn from one of the best so I joined the team and focused on real estate 100%. I couldn’t be more happy with that decision, I enjoy my work so much more. In my first six months I was able to close five transactions and my first full year I closed 17 transactions. All direct reflections of the resources and the training that are available here with Kimo’s team. I love this team and the greatest thing is the ability to grow here is endless. You are only limited by your own ambition and effort."
- Greg Hill

"I was in the military until 2014 and decided to get out and I went back to school with the idea of pursuing real estate. I took the classes, had a few kids in the meantime and put things off. I did not pursue taking the test until 2020 when I had decided to leave a job at a pool company where I was struggling. It was difficult working a 9 to 5 job with 3 kids all under 10 years old. I have received the training, motivation and the accountability that I really needed with the Kimo Quance Group. I have successfully closed my 1st two deals and have more in the works and I feel like I am going to have incredible success being with this team. I feel that the support I receive is better than anything I've had in the past and I will continue to stay here because I know that this is the best place for me!"
- Grace Ball

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