Here’s what Greg Hill has to say about working with The Kimo Quance Group.

Today I’m interviewing Greg Hill, our team’s sales manager, about his experience working on the team. We’ll cover what he did before joining us, what brought him to The Kimo Quance Group, and more. 

What were you doing before that wasn’t working?

Before this, I was a bank manager. It wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t really happy in that career anymore. I was looking for another opportunity, so I came to Kimo’s team. I saw the success he was having and I’d known Kimo for a while, so I wanted to be with a successful real estate team.

What brought you to The Kimo Quance Group?

The structure; a lot of the heavy lifting had already been done. Kimo had already built systems, he already had lead flow, and he already had training available. Things to help you get up to speed quicker than if you were an individual agent.

What has The Kimo Quance Group helped you achieve during your time as an agent?

I just reached my two-year anniversary in real estate. I’m now the sales manager of the team, and I had quite a successful year. Being on the team, the support, the knowledge, and being able to grow so quickly were all based on what Kimo had in place. I closed transactions in the double digits for the last two years, and I’m on pace to do that again. I’m really looking forward to more success.

Thanks a bunch to Greg for joining me for a quick chat. If you have any questions about our team or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.